About US

WE AT SCHER believe humanity cannot survive without nature and promote living in harmony with nature, thus enhancing the quality of natural resources. We work for nature conservation on each level in co-ordination with all government and other non-government organisations. For this we have set our focused and dedicated objectives:


  1. Public sensitization for nature conservation and community involvement to instill a sense of social responsibility towards sustainable development.

  2. Provide expertise in the field of conservation, restoration and preservation of ecological resources through training programs in order to develop skills among the masses, thus encourage capacity-building.

  3. Document natural and built heritage through extensive research and develop manuscripts to help in their conservation.

  4. NRM, Watershed Management, Disaster Management.


WE are an all-volunteer group of that brings together people with a passion for the environment and its creatures. We work to understand, protect, and explore the natural world.

Dr Kiran Chaudhary (President)

Dr Krishnendra Singh Nama (Chief Biologist & Adviser to the President)

Pankaj Khandelwal (Accounts Chief & Senior Biologist)

Hari Mohan Meena (Consultant Wildlife Biologist)

Bhavani Shankar Meena

Mukesh Suman

Sarita Brahmbhatt

Praveen Jain

Dheeraj Bhardwaj

Yogendra Nagar

Hitesh Sen

Prashant Rathore