World Crocodile Day 2017

World Crocodile Day is a global awareness campaign to highlight the plight of endangered crocodiles and alligators around the world. Every year on June 17th World Crocodile Day celebrated in whole world. The World Crocodile Day 2017 jointly celebrated by Nature Education and Service Society (Baran, Rajasthan), Society for Conservation of Historical Ecological Resources (Kota, Rajasthan) and National Chambal Sanctuary, Rajasthan (RFD).

The WCD was officially inaugurated by Mr. S. N. Saraswat (RO, Keshoraipatan, NCS) at Range office Keshoraipatan. During his welcome speech Mr. Saraswat says, its first time in the history of National Chambal Sanctuary, Rajasthan that WCD celebrated today. He also says that real conservation incomplete without involvement of riparian community of NCS, only staff not sufficient to stop illegal activities throughout the sanctuary area.

WCD 2017 workshop; Lecture session at K. Patan Range

Jamuniya Island, NCS, Rajasthan

Jamuniya Island visit in Field session for Crocodile nest search

Field team going for crocodile nest search at Jamuniya Island by engine boat

Mugger sighted during nest search, basking on rock

A group of muggers sighted during the WCD 2017 field visit at Jamuniya Island, NCS, RJ